Offered Programs:

  • BSc. City and Regional Planning



Undergraduate Program

The curriculum for the B.Sc. course in City & Regional Planning is designed to bring into being the professionals who can serve as development managers of the human settlements encircling hamlets, villages, towns, cities, Megalopolises and Global cities sketching out a network of human built environment.  The degree offered by the department has a well established and time-honored recognition by the academic and professional institutes of highest ranking all over the world.

The profession of City and Regional Planning is an established field in Pakistan and the graduates of this department hold key portfolios in Government, Semi-Government, Non-Governmental Organizations, and the Private Sector alike. The key recruiting agencies in the government sector includes; Planning Commission of Pakistan, Ministries of Housing, Environment and Urban Affairs, Planning and Development Research Institutes, Provincial Housing and Physical Planning Departments, The Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency, Provincial Local Government and Rural Development Departments, Development Authorities, Improvement Trusts, and Tehsil Municipal Administrations to name few, and that’s the reason the City & Regional Planning is a well-recognized profession at the local, provincial, and national governments levels. Furthermore, there also remain tremendous employment opportunities in the local, national, international NGO’s and the semi-government/privates planning consulting firms.

The courses of study in the B.Sc. program in City & Regional Planning covers an intensive coverage of theoretical understanding of planning concepts and practical experience of planning projects. Planning is an interdisciplinary field which deals with the social, economic, and physical aspects of human built environment. Therefore, the graduates of this department are trained not only in the basic physical sciences but also in the humanities and social sciences fields.

The broad areas of knowledge covered under this degree course includes; Mathematics, Engineering Sciences, Geography, Sociology, Statistics, Economics, Mapping, Community and Social Work, Management and Administrative Sciences, Applied Computer Sciences, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS).

The core planning courses offered in this program includes; Housing, Land use Planning, Urban Renewal, Rural Planning, Regional Planning, New Towns Planning, Urban Design, Building and Development Control, Transportation Planning, Local Government System, Human Settlements Planning, National/Provincial/Local Level Plans, Programs and Projects, Outline Development Plans, Regional Plans, and Master Plans of Towns and Cities.  An outline of undergraduate courses—approved by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan is presented as under:


(Effective from 2015 Session onward)
[updated on 2016-02-19]

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